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Dec 23, 2012 11:30pm EST
for the night and matt flynn will finish it up here. he will take us to the finish line. flynn who was signed to that big contract and looked to the world that he would be the man. russell wilson just simply flat out won the job and has been the starter since the opener. >> cris: yeah, and he won it because of game altering plays. his gap plays, as russell wilson likes to call these things, and he has been sensational with them tonight. he had one turnover on a big play, but third down conversions, 11 of 12. red zone, 4 for 4. and that's a rookie. >> al: turnover on a tipped pass. in seven games in this stadium this season, he has thrown two interceptions. >> cris: he's something now. >> al: oh, yeah. >> cris: it was funny talking to pete about him. he said people warned me when i met him at the senior bowl, he goes, now, you know, be careful because you'll think he is one of those artists, you know, that can kind of trick you and fool y you, but he has lived up to it on an everyday basis and nobody works harder in the building and pete carroll is his biggest fan, no question. >> al: this tea
Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
remained to be the focal point we think that would be an advantage for us. >> the port of baltimore announced it would keep two of its public terminals open the saturday. our trucks can make as many pickups and deliveries as possible before a strike happens. >> to another possible financial crisis, the fiscal cliff. without a fix on general one, tax hikes and spending cuts will kick in. president obama will meet and search for some type of compromise. leaders continue to play the blame game and point figures. >> i cannot imagine their consciences. we are here trying to get something done. republicans are not about to write a blank check just because we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff,. >> i highly unusual sunday evening session. a man is in a, tonight after he -- found beaten in the hous in a house. he suffered from head trauma. he had gone to give estimates on contract work when he went missing. >> they robbed him. they were wrong for what they did. i hear about stuff like this on the news but i would never know it would come to my family during the holiday season. >> the s
Dec 30, 2012 11:30pm EST
with them? >> they run an offense a little like us, so it's going to be tough, but i've got all the faith in our guys. we'll come out here, game plan, you know, fight them hard. you know, they're a tough-nosed defense, tough-nosed offense, they love to run the ball. you know, it's kind of like playing ourselves. they've got playmakers on the outside, but you know, they definitely try to run the ball, so we're going to have to be as physical with them as possible. >> michele: congratulations on the win, deangelo. >> i appreciate it. >> michele: bob? >> the criticism will be heavy for dallas and continuing through the week, but we feel for tony romo, 20 of 37 tonight, a couple touchdowns, three interceptions, but he's now lost six out of seven elimination games in win or go home situations. 0-3 in the regular season to get in, 1-3 in the playoffs, and there's no denying that statistic. the playoffs are now set. in the nfc, the falcons and the 49ers have the byes. and in the wild card matchups, minnesota travels to green bay saturday night on nbc while seattle will play at washington next su
Dec 25, 2012 11:00pm EST
-morning shooting that left one man dead. if it happened in the 7400 block. >> police told us this all unfolded at around 6:00 this morning at a business in the glen bernie. the intruder was confronted by the store owner and subsequently shot. >> christmas morning, police investigate the death of a 30- year-old found shot to death in front of arundel coin and collectibles. around 6:00 tuesday morning, philip broke into a store, not knowing that someone was inside. counsel for the business, and identify that person as the store owner, jim butler. police said butler and philip got into an altercation inside the business, and philip was eventually shot. philip ran out of the business and collapsed in the parking lot. he has been having difficulties lately with people breaking into the store, which police have responded to. it is just someone broken and he was there. as far as philip, he had a vast criminal record, which included guilty pleas to second-degree assault, theft, drug offenses, and court appearances for in the same. so far, no charges have been filed in this case. >> authorities say the
Dec 29, 2012 11:00pm EST
asked us to conceal her identity for fear of retaliation lives in fear after coming face-to-face with a burglary at her howard county house. >> he knows where i live. he knows what i look like. >> police arrested a 28-year-old and charged him with multiple counts of burglary and theft. the man was arrested in connection to a robbery at his home in the 2600 block of melbourne road. >> i said i have been nervous ever since. >> she said she came home to find a truck in her driveway. she thought it was the telephone company, since crime rarely happens in this community. she was confronted by the man who threw her jewelry at her, apologize, and drove off. >> he spat out, cut sideways there. you could see what he did to the fence. >> she says he did take off with the jewelry box, but the family heirlooms including her parent'' wedding rings. >> he walked right by the electronic. >> investigators linked him to at least three more december burglaries' in howard county where he is accused of stealing watches and jewelry. authorities said he pled guilty in carroll county earlier th
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
strong positions on both sides of the gun-control debate. joining us live from the newsroom, george -- >> began control side as seems to be gaining momentum when it comes to crafting legislation. that has caused many on the gun advocates tried to stock up. a typical monday at a discount store in baltimore county sees at roughly $2,000 in sales. this monday, they sold $17,000. >> astronomical. pretty much nonstop -- i ate lunch at 4:30. >> abil purchased a few shotguns for protection, but also because of the renewed begun debate following the shooting death of 20 kids and six adults in connecticut last week. >> i heard the conversation -- i guess before we have no more rights, i should at least protect myself. >> since the shooting, elected leaders and police officers across maryland are trying to shift the political wind toward gun control legislation, whether it is tackling the culture of assault weapons or increasing mental health benefits. >> this is a watershed moment in our country. >> governor o'malley says he supports looking into the issue for the next legislative session. >
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
. to make sure principles understand their responsibility in working with us to make sure we are looking at every single thing to make it safe. the second thing is to make sure our kids have access to personnel who they can talk to, who they feel connected with. our students are dealing with issues we could never have imagined they were dealing with. we need people on campuses who will be for them to make sure they are sharing those situations and problems. >> more and more local communities are taking immediate steps to reinforce the safety plan. more on how officials are responding to school safety questions in the wake of the tragedy. >> in addition to wrapping up, a new task force was announced. the goal is to prevent some of the tragedies like the one in connecticut to have risen from happening. -- like the one in connecticut from happening. renee is a proud mother of two young children who attend howard county public schools. she is concerned for their safety when they stepped into classrooms. it is an understandable response. >> something needs to be done. i hate to think of schoo
Dec 9, 2012 11:30pm EST
. almost looked like it was sort of a relaxed moment there. he used calvin to bounce off of him and make that turn and that flag. >> al: now from the 48. bell. to the 43 yard line. tackled by brad jones. the clock at 50 seconds. 15 more yards, then try the onside kick. stafford going deep, and it's kicked away, incomplete. williams on the other side of the field this time. helping to guard scheffler. third down. >> cris: they've got a lot of big guys on the field right now, but they just don't have that dynamic player that we're used to seeing with detroit. he can work quickly in there. titus young should be a factor. a lot of big tight bodies out there now. maybe a good shot for a hail mary. >> al: you just mentioned the guys who will be two, three and four on your receiver depth chart behind calvin johnson. third and two. over the middle. taking it to the 35 yard line is bell. first down, you should actually try a field goal here. instead they're going to spike the ball at the 34 yard line. >> cris: i guess the problem was hanson was short on the one right at 50. and there will be abou
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
. >> either by the weapon or the pepper spray the us -- officer discharged in an attempt to subdue the prisoner. >> more officers were charged to get everything under control. one towso studentsn lives across from the hospital -- he sought ambulances and police cars rushed to the hospital. >> to hear somebody did that. >> they shut down the er for hours, and diverting patients to other hospitals and moving patients already in the er to other parts of the hospital. authorities have not released the identity of the prisoner. detectives are piecing together an incident that still has many unanswered questions tonight. >> the mother accused of murdering her 2-year-old son is out of the hospital tonight and in police custody. nichol fitzgerald has been charged with first and second- degree murder, child abuse, and assault. fitzgerald told police she kill the child and then cut her own throat. police say it happens sunday afternoon. she was immediately arrested after being released from the hospital last night. with murders in baltimore city already passing the two ordered mark this year
Dec 22, 2012 11:00pm EST
of the wind, power outages were capped at a minimum. >> the fact we have them ready is what is helping us to get all of the customer's back on as quickly as we can. >> many agree cold temperatures during the holiday season tend to go hand in hand. >> it is not winter without the cold. >> you should never assume they know there is a powder -- a power outage. if you lose your electricity, and give them a call. >> thank you. some good news for people who love the winter. maryland to ski resort will remain open. it has announced it is under new management. visitors will still see some familiar faces. it will now offer ski and snowboard rentals and in the coming months they hope to improve other activities including golf, fishing, and mountain biking. the three officers are being held as heroes after polling a man from a burning car. the man was driving in the area of bethlehem boulevard this morning when he lost control of his truck. when officers arrived, the car was smoking but they were able to rescue the man before it burst into flames. the driver was flown to shock trauma. no word on wha
Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
, and shopping. >> i think things are getting better for us. customers are shopping more, it seems. >> the festivities going on in the city and people getting excited. they are coming dampier >> and merchants say they need those special events -- they are coming down. >> and merchants say they need the special events. >> the goal is to bring people to free and highly discounted activities. by doing that, people will be enjoying themselves. there will be lots of opportunities for people who may not be able to afford shopping. but also, an opportunity for people to go to the shops once they're finished with the event. >> the monument lighting in mount vernon will lead into a shopping promotion. the city's merkel on main street campaign is aimed to attract shoppers to -- the city's miracle on main street campaign is aimed to attract shoppers to the area. >> what we are hearing from merchants downtown is that they are more optimistic about this holiday season. they are seeing more foot traffic than ever before. they are optimistic that the sales and promotions will help drive people in
Dec 26, 2012 11:00pm EST
delays. we will send it over to georgia let us at bwi -- over to georgia at bwi. >> the weather has made traveling difficult in and out of baltimore delays. delays and cancellations continue at this hour. for those lucky enough to get on a plan today, they tell me it was a scary right. >> it was one of those days to travel but mother nature had other ideas. >> we decided to spend christmas in las vegas. today the odds were not with us. >> this family's flight from las vegas to baltimore made it but their final leg to connecticut was like the more the victim hundred flights nationwide on wednesday -- canceled because of a massive winter storm. >> we are happy to be on the ground. it was kind of rough up there. we are sort of a grateful to be here. >> bw i airport experienced on average 1-2 hour departure delays because of the first winter mix of the season. the weather here improve but nationwide travel did not, causing visitors to remind -- wonder when their return flights would take off. like is that expect delays some -- >> it was it6:55 now at 9:20. >> it was a chance to get those sno
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm EST
the finger at his critics, he took the high road. surely after the vote, dr. david wilson told us he is honored more as the university's board of regents minya their confidence in him and by extending his contract to june 2014. the decision comes a few weeks after the board decided to oust him as the president. >> a situation he blames himself for. >> the bucket stopped in the president's office. whatever transpired here, i will be the first one to raise my hand and say i don't it. >> he promises to improve relations and communications between his office and board members. >> i will make sure the board is involved in the decisions we make. >> when the board voted to not renew his contract earlier this month, many on campus and in the committee stage rallies to show support. >> faculty have never been more inspired, motivated, and filled with hope. >> many supporters packed the board of regents meeting friday which was closed to cameras. >> this is one of those things where it is not been explained. people are not telling us what happened. >> it is not clear why the board ultimately v
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13